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Welcome and About us
Welcome to the website. We are Rift Divers, a new guild in the new game of Rift, playing on the server Millrush. We are a fun, friendly, and helpful guild. Our goals are simple, have fun and help each other out. We're a guild of friends to hang out together and be an online family.

I hope you want to join and add to the family and the fun. We look forward to playing with you and all the fun that we can have together!
Guild News

We've hit level 5!

RiftDivers, Apr 10, 11 11:06 PM.
Early today we reached level 5, not only that, but we have reached level 5 so fast, THERE'S NO QUESTS FOR US! That's right, we leveled so fast that we out paced the weekly timer and have to WAIT for the quests to open up to us. Amazing, I simply can't believe it, and I can't say how proud of all of you I am. Well done everyone, well done.

Guild level 4!

RiftDivers, Apr 1, 11 11:48 PM.
I'm happy and proud to announce that we've reached level 4! I'm really impressed with how fast we've reached this point.

A new poll will go up soon for the next banner perk, we picked up Earthly Ties 1 so we're soul walking every 55 minutes now! At level 5 I'll max it for every 50 minutes!

I want to say again, how -proud- I am how far we've come so quickly. This is a new game that all of us are learning still and we're keeping our guild level nice and high with the rest of the server, we're growing still and so far I haven't had to give a warning or kick to anyone. Thank you one and all for making this such a great guild., and a better one to come.

Guild level 3!

RiftDivers, Mar 22, 11 4:44 AM.
Well done everyone on reaching Guild level 3! We've maxed out Lucky Penny so our loot rate have gone up by 9%, enjoy the money everyone!

The next quest has been picked up, dungeon to run DD and/or FC 25 times, it's going to be a longer road to reach level 4 but if everyone works at it we'll be there in no time!

I've posted on the forums two new polls for people to vote on, both are for which perks we should pick up next. I ask everyone in the guild to go vote in them, I'd like to hear as much from the guild as possible on these! The polls can be found here: Passive Perk and Banner Perk. Thank you for voting!

Level two!

RiftDivers, Mar 15, 11 2:08 PM.
I'm glad to see how quickly we got through the Guild Quests once we put our minds to it. Not only did we reach level two yesterday (3/14/11), but we're half way through to level 3! Guild quests are on Weekly timers so once they reset we'll pick up the next one and get working on hitting level 3!

We'll be picking up the next rift quest open to us unless I hear a desire from the guild to pick up the dungeon one first. I'm also going to set up a poll on the forums for us to pick which banner we want next, seeing as we get 1 passive perk point and 1 banner perk point each level.

Good work everyone and thanks again for all the hard work!

EDIT: Poll is up in the Member section of the forum. You can get to it here. Thank you for voting!

A Guild is Born!

RiftDivers, Mar 10, 11 1:31 PM.
Last night, 3/9/11, the guild was formed. Today the website will begin to take form. I hope that this will be the start of a long, and enjoyable for all guild that will have fun in everything we do together.
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